Getting It Done

I’m so proud of my wife. After giving birth our amazing daughter and not racing for 16 months she ripped the Surf City Marathon in Huntington beach a month ago… and she’s just getting started. The reason I’m so proud of her is not just because she trained hard and had a good race. It’s because how patient she was coming back from pregnancy. In this day and age it seems like it’s a competition for women to see how quickly they can race and how much training they can get in right after having kids. It’s all over social media.… Read more →

2016. Keeping it Local.

whoa… two posts in two weeks. hopefully this will become a 2016 trend. I posted back in October on what I was planning on for 2016 and the goals i was setting… as with everything else in 2015 that has changed. I was planning on running North Face 50 in december but in early november (also an old, killer emo band I love!) I tweaked my right lower leg. It started as a twinge in my calf and then I got an all-to-familiar ache so I shut it down. I didn’t want to take any chances. So North Face didn’t… Read more →

2015… a year of change

There hasn’t been a better year of my life than 2015 was… or a year with more change and thankfully, all the change was positive and awesome. Most of the big changes took place in the first part of the year. Maggie and I got married in February, moved to Colorado in April, and Fi was born in June. I don’t know if it’s possible to cram any more HUGE life changes in to less than 6 months. At times it seemed like a chaotic whirlwind but with Maggie by my side I knew we’d get through it. It took… Read more →

Indian Creek 50k Race Report

After finally running my first ultra of the year last month at the Devil on the Divide 50k I was hungry to back on the starting line an actually race. Like I wrote about in my race report for Devil on the Divide I went in pretty smashed, was not in race mode and just wanted to get in a long day on new trails… and absolutely suffered and got my ass kicked. With The North Face 50 looming in December I wanted to get a hard race effort in my legs and hopefully rebuild some racing confidence after getting… Read more →

Setting Goals

Over the last couple of years I’ve had a lot of fun training and racing. Most of that is due to sharing so much trail time with Maggie. I definitely have some results that I’m stoked about but I don’t think I’ve come close to really reaching my potential when it comes to ultrarunning. I believe that it’s mostly due to not having any big or really focused goals when it comes to running/racing. That has lead to racing too much, training too much, and as a result… getting injured. I’ve had races that I’ve “focused” on but none that… Read more →

Devil on the Divide 50k Race Report

whoa… posts two weeks in a row. I’ll keep this one short and sweet. A couple of weekends ago I ran the Devil on the Divide 50k in Empire, CO. My plan was to use this as a training race and just to get out and see some new trails. I should probably write a post about longer term goals but who has time for that… maybe next week. I toed the line Saturday with tired and heavy legs… both from running and the strength work I’ve been doing. I am following the Mountain Athlete “Peak Bagger” plan right now… Read more →

Steamboat Stinger Race Report

well… I started this post the Monday after the race and it’s now a month later…. my first race as a new dad has come and gone. overall I’d say it was success as I had a ton of fun on the race course and it was killer first weekend out of town with Maggie and Fi. In my last post I mentioned that my training for this race was just alright. Looking back now I’d say it was rather inadequate for the what the weekend would bring. However, considering the fact Fiona was had just turned 10 weeks old and last… Read more →

Race Week

I can’t believe August is almost half way over and that we’ll be heading up to Steamboat Springs for the weekend. The summer is definitely flying by and our days are packed from the time we wake up to the time we crash at night. Our days are so packed that I haven’t really had a chance to give racing this weekend much thought until now. With everything going on I haven’t raced much at all this year and haven’t toed the line of race I was really focusing on. In January I ran the Lake Hodges Marathon, In February… Read more →

rolling with it…

It’s hard to believe Fiona is already almost two months old. Time has been flying by and the past couple of months have pretty much been a blur. Maggie and I are settling into a groove and Fiona is starting to get on a pretty good sleep schedule… although she still has her nights where she just wants to party and not sleep. I think one thing that has helped Maggie and I adapt rather quickly is that we are morning people. Before Fiona was born and we were both working and training Maggie and I would sleep 9-5. Up at 5am… Read more →

Fiona Hogan Walsh

i don’t think there is really much that needs to be said… Just over 3 weeks ago Fiona was born. There are no words to really describe how happy and stoked we are. It’s truly life changing and we are loving every minute… even the ones in the middle of night! Maggie’s mom and my parents were here the week after she was born and it was awesome. we are still figuring things and learning more everyday… which I’m sure won’t end. That’s it for now… but much more later. Read more →