My Bike and Gear for Dirty Kanza

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Training is always a huge component of having a great race but in a race like Dirty Kanza having your gear dialed in and tested is almost just as important. Flat tires and mechanical issues seem to happen to everyone who races DK. I’ve spent most of the year testing everything I plan on using race day but am also hoping for a bit of luck on race day.

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I have to start with my bike… my dream bike… the Allied Alfa All Road. I feel so fortunate that I was able to jump onboard and be an ambassador for an incredible company making bikes here in the United States. The All Road is everything I wanted in a bike. Fast and comfortable on the gravel but doesn’t give up anything on road… to any bike. Every day I throw my leg over the bike is filled with stoke KNOWING there is NO other bike I’d rather be on. I picked out every part on the bike and there is nothing I would change. The only think left to upgrade… and I’m waiting until it’s time to replace them… is to get a ceramic bottom bracket and rear derailleur pulleys. Below is how my bike will be spec’d for DK.


  • SRAM Force 1 Drive Train – 44 x 10-42 gearing
  • Rotor 3D power meter
  • ENVE seatpost, steam, and handlebars
  • Specialized Sworks Power Saddle
  • Reynolds ATR Wheels & ENVE Carbon 29r wheels
  • IRC Boken 36c tires (measure 37+ on my rims)
  • Ice Friction waxed chain
  • Crankbrothers Candy 11 Pedals
  • Supercaz Super Stick Kush bar tape (double wrapped tops with cork tape underneath)

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When it comes to the bike to I have to give a huge thanks to Travis Kincaid of Velofix Colorado. After moving to Colorado in 2015 and not having anybody touch my bikes other than my good friend Gordon (Velohangar) I struggled to find a good mechanic. I tried all the local bike shops and had many issues including one shop breaking my bike twice. I decided to give Velofix a go and it was a great decision. Travis had kept my bike up and running smoothly, helped my test and fit a bunch of tires, and has gone above and beyond to help me work through some issues. If you live on the Front Range in Colorado book an appointment. You won’t be disappointed. I have no affiliation with Velofix I just know how hard it is to find a good mechanic and I’m stoked I finally found one in Colorado.

As for the other gear I’ll be using on race day:

  • Custom The Adrenalin Project Wattie Ink. Kit – super comfortable, light, and made in the USA!
  • Specialized Sworks MTB shoes
  • Giro Synthe Helmet
  • Oakley Wind Jacket 2.0 sunglasses
  • Hand UP Gloves
  • Stance Socks
  • Camelbak Chase Hydration Pack
  • Lezyne Super GPS – the battery life is bonkers!
  • Lezyne Carbon Drive Lite Pump
  • Lezyne seat bag
  • GUP Inflator with Sealant
  • Blackburn Tradesman multi-tool
  • tubes, CO2, and tire boots

For nutrition I’ll keep it pretty simple and use what I’ve been using for years…. which means a lot of Skratch products. Skratch does’t make everything I need so I’ll be using some other products as well and trying to eat some real food later in the race…

  • Skratch Hyper Hydration mix – pre-race
  • Skratch Exercise Hydration mix – during race
  • Skratch Recovery Hydration – loads of electrolytes and less sweet. I’ll switch to this later in the race
  • Skratch Energy Chews
  • SiS Gels
  • A mix of bars: Skratch, Bonk Breakers, JoJe, Trail Nuggets, larabars
  • Red Bull
  • Coke & Mt. Dew
  • Real Food: Pizza, Sandwich, Chips, Snickers, Yogurt covered Pretzels (cold), frosted animal crackers (cold), and maybe some other options

I think that covers everything. I’m trying not to over think things when it comes to gear and nutrition and just keep it simple… for myself and for Maggie crewing for me. Having done a lot ultra running myself and plenty of crewing for 100 mile runs I think I know it takes to plan for these days of mega exercise.


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  1. Sebastian Alvarez
    January 23, 2019 at 12:11 pm


    What do you think your list would look like if you were doing the 100? Would you bring Camelbak?



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