November (block 1) Recap

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I know blogs are basically a thing of the past but I have had this blog since I started racing and training back in 2005. I’m pretty sure I have a race report of 99% of the races I’ve done. When I’m done with all of this it will be fun to look back on… it already is. It also lets me see what I was doing in training in the months leading up to those races. Since I’m being coach this year, leading up to my races this year I think I am going to do a monthly recap of my training to see where things are.

November was all about getting back into structured training and laying the foundation for the rest of they year. On the bike it’s been a lot of high cadence intervals, ILTs (isolated leg training), and aerobic threshold intervals. The last time I did any high cadence and ILT work was the last time Cody coached me… and that was in 2007 & 2008… and coincidentally enough that was probably my biggest jump ever in my cycling fitness and ability. I was really good runner and winning Xterra triathlons (offroad) by getting off the bike down a bit and being able to run to the front. When 2008 came along that wasn’t the case any more. I would come out of the water just behind the faster swimmers and ride to the front and then just hold on. game changing. Cody was racing pro Xterra at the time and I even beat him in Alabama that year… a super fun race trip I did with Cody, Trevor, and Brian. A trip I’ll never forget.

beating cody

June 2008. Almost 10 years ago… nuts.

from the Xterra site:

AMATEUR RACE: James Walsh from Carlsbad, California was the top amateur finishing 13th overall and ahead of eight pros.


see blogs are good something…

Now I don’t think I’ll see as big of a jump this time around as I’ve come along way and improved a lot as an athlete in the last 10 years. So gains will be marginal…. but after spending most of 2012-16 focusing on ultra running and getting back on the bike in earnest in January this year (2017) I know there are considerable improvements that can be made coming into 2018 and I’m stoked to have Cody guide me along again. There’s a lot to be said for having 100% trust in a coach and that’s hard to come by… especially for somebody like me that likes to question everything. But with what Cody has done for me in the past it’s easy to just put my head down, do the work, and have confidence that the results will come. We’ve had unreal (warm) weather here on the Front Range so getting in the longer rides have been awesome. I expected to be spending a lot more time on the trainer at this point in the year but that has not been the case.

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So the training on the bike hasn’t been too demanding but it’s been good and just what I need. I think what I’m the most stoked on right now is the strength training… and more specifically how quickly my strength is coming back. Like I mentioned before (here or on instagram) I basically stopped lifting over the summer after the Bailey Hundo and slowly got back into it over September and October so I’d be ready to hit hard once the Sessions:6 program started.

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I’m pretty shocked with where I’m at already. Last year I used the Wendler 5-3-1 programming over the winter and spring to get stronger than I’ve ever been and I started that in January. I peaked at a squatting 175 lbs and deadlifting 225 lbs in early May…. both lifetime bests. Last week I ended a session squatting 145 x 4 and deadlifting 185 x 4. I think I’m on track to possibly surpass last years numbers. We’ll see. Being strong is fun… and not just for athletic performance. I notice a direct correlation to my energy levels and just how good I feel when I’m lifting heavy weights. There’s tons of research around so I don’t need to elaborate on that.

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I’m overall just stoked be following a plan that I trust and to just do the work. I’m good at that. As for races in 2018 I’m still pretty undecided but it I’ll definitely be racing my bike. It all depends if the lottery gods are on my side. I signed up for the Dirty Kanza lottery and will know on January 13th if I get into that one. Once I know that I’ll be able to decide on the rest of the year. I also signed up for the Belgian Waffle Ride. I’m stoked to get back to socal and do this ride again. For me, I don’t consider it a race and don’t plan on trying to “race” it. I just want to have some fun and suffering with friends with waffles before, and beers after.

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