Leadville 100 MTB Pre-Race Report

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it’s race week… again. on saturday morning at 630am I’ll be charging the iconic Leadville 100 MTB race. to say I’m stoked is an understatement. it took a while for that stoke to build but it’s there now. I’m not exactly sure why it took me a while to get stoked for this race other than it was a last minute addition to my race schedule and it was after putting so much focus on a race that went well, the bailey hundo.

when i decided to take my slot maggie and I decided  to not rearrange all of our other plans for it with her goal racing coming the weekend after at the Leadville 100 run… and with her starting work last monday. so on Friday I’ll be heading up solo and crashing at friend’s parents house and then Luke and Beaker are going to crew for me. Maggie and Fi will be heading up for the finish. So I am showing to get to work.

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My training since bailey hundo has been far different than before. I’ve kind of backed off the structured workouts until the past couple of weeks and didn’t do any mega long rides. I topped out at just over 5 hours a couple of weeks and have just been consistent. The workouts that I did add weren’t 100 mile mountain bike race specific. They were more geared toward getting cyclocross ready and trying to get some top end back. cross starts on 9/2 and I can’t wait for that…. a total change up to what I’ve focused on all year.

Another big component in this last block oft training was getting my running legs back which took quite a bit longer than expected. I needed/wanted to be ready to pace maggie at the 100 run more than I cared about my result at the 100 mtb. The good thing with adding in running with my riding is that I’m feeling super fit across the board and realized that I kind of missed trail running. I still don’t have the desire to toe the line of any running races but I don’t think I’ll dial back the running as much as I did for bailey hundo ever again.

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I also pretty much cut out all strength training. I’ve only done 3 light session since the hundo. I knew that with adding in running and still trying to get in a lot of volume on the bike I just wouldn’t have time and didn’t want to bury myself. I still have a good base of strength right now but I for sure can’t wait to start rebuilding some of what I lost after the leadville 100s.

the highlight of this training bike was for sure spending two weekends up in leadville. maggie and I have grown to love that town and being up there. the first weekend we went up solo while Fi spent the weekend have a grandparents party! that weekend I rode power lines & sugarloaf, twin lakes to columbine-twinlakes to pipeline, ran powerlines with maggie, and then ran/hiked hope pass to close out the weekend. this past weekend Fi and maggie’s mom went up with us. It was “Boom Days” so the town was in full on party mode. on saturday I rode from town to pipeline and back and then we ran powerlines on sunday morning. Over the two weekends I rode the whole course and at pace that let me take it all in and learn it. hopefully that pays off on race day.

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I think that’s it as far as training goes… now for my goals.

  1. Break 7:30- that’s my number one goal. I plan on going out hard and trying to hold on… just rolling the dice and hoping to get in a good group of guys willing to work together and hammer.
  2.  Low 7s – If things are going well I think I can go quite a bit under 7:30 but that will all depend on the day
  3.  As always… just finish.

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Having seen and ridden all of the course I think it’s one that suits and plays to my strengths. It’s a true fitness course without a lot of technical terrain to deal with. There’s a lot of hard, long steady climbs which have always been my strength. It’s just going to be nuts with so many people toeing the line and what I’m sure will be chaotic start. Just gotta be smart and get in a good group.

That’s it for now…

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