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Two weeks from today I’ll be on the starting line of the Run Rabbit Run 100 miler and I couldn’t be more stoked. Getting to the start line of a 100 miler has been 4+ years in the making for me. The seed was planted in me back in May of 2012 when I paced one of my best friends, Slater, at the inaugural Zion 100. It was for sure a life changing experience and came at a time in my life when I needed something to light a fire in me. That was a huge turning point in my life. Later that fall I met Maggie my life changed forever.

In 2013 I got into the San Diego 100 via the lottery but didn’t make it to the start line. I was so amped on running that I got injured early in the year and had to take a break from running. Just as I was coming back to running I got smashed by a car on my bike which resulted in very serious injuries and my season and hopes of running 100 miles came crashing down. Fortunately I was able to get back in some semblance of shape to pace Maggie 50 miles at her first 100 in Leadville that summer.

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In 2014 I got into the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 via the lottery and Maggie also got into the Western States. We started the year with tons of motivation to train and we started the year strong by both winning and setting the course records at the Oriflamme 50k. Unfortunately I had not gotten any smarter when it came to ultra running training and I got a stress fracture in my right shin. lame. Once again I had to stop running, take TRT off the table, and got back just in time to pace Maggie at Western States. I got back to running well over the summer and ran some solid 50ks in the fall and finished the year with a pretty good race at The North Face 50 in San Francisco.

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In 2015 I didn’t sign up for a 100 miler or even think about one. We had bigger things to tackle. We moved to Colorado in May and Fi was born in June. I got in some decent training over the summer and had an OK race at the Steamboat Stinger but nothing great. I finished the year winning the Indian Creek 55k and then called it a year. 2015 was an awesome year and the least I had raced since I started endurance racing and training back in 2005. It felt good to dial it back and focus on other things but I definitely had the fire burning in me to race and get the start line of a 100 miler.

So when I pulled the trigger and signed up for RRR back in January I had one goal… MAKE IT TO THE START LINE! I didn’t want to over train or over race and wind up injured or burned out. I started the year focusing a lot in strength training (Big Mountain Program by Mountain Athlete) and conservatively ramped my running. I also continued to ride and make plans to race my bike. I had a bit of an injury scare in April when I felt that not-so-awesome twinge in my right shin… again… but I didn’t panic… too much… and just focused on riding my bike… and I rode a lot and started to get really fit. At that time I also decided to make the Leadville Silver King my first A race of the  year and train specifically for that and worry about the 100 mile training after that.

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Silver King was awesome. I felt super fit heading in and had a great mountain bike race on Saturday and strong run on Sunday. After I recovered from that I had 9 weeks to get ready for the 100. So I planned two four week blocks leaving room for a solid two week taper. It basically went 3 weeks on, 1 week down, 3 weeks on, 2 week taper. I think I nailed it and it will get more into the details in a post next week but I’ve come out of the training feeling strong and confident… but still scared! No matter what happens on race just finally getting to the start line of a 100 miler healthy and feeling good is huge victory. I will try to keep that on my mind on race day, especially when it gets hard and I feel like shit, and just be stoked that I’m out there!
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