Running 100 Miles

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I really can’t believe September is just around the corner and in about 2.5 weeks I’ll be toeing the line at Run Rabbit Run… my first 100 miler. The weekend up in Leadville definitely slapped me in the face with how real it’s getting and was a good reminder of what I’ve gotten myself into.

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We had another rad long weekend in Leadville and have a had blast racing up there all summer. I know people may give the Leadville Race Series some flack for things that have happened in the past but they put on incredible races. The organization, the race courses and markings, to the post race parties and swag… it’s all top notch. There’s no doubt will be up there to race for years to come… especially because it’s less than 2 hours from home.

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Maggie had an awesome race. She was super fit and ready thanks to Mario guiding her all year. Her race didn’t come easy though and by her standards she never felt great. She was running solid though and was with the leaders when I saw her at the first aid station and was in second when we saw her at Outward Bound (23.5). She was in good spirits and running well.

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She hit a pretty low patch that lasted from Winfield to Outward bound (miles 50-76). That’s a helluva long low patch. She was still running in 2nd place when I started pacing her at mile 60. I got her moving a bit better and she started passing some men ahead of her… but just before the mile 70 aid station she puked up everything in her gut and that seemed to help. She started eating nothing but ramen, some waffles, and coke and she was getting back on track.

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We rolled into the mile 76.5 aid station, where we were surprised crewing from help from GZ, and Maggie was feeling betterĀ and we got to see Lucy and Fiona again which is always good for a boost. We put on warmer clothes, grabbed our lights and were out of there. Little did Maggie know that Jen Benna was just 10 minutes behind hard at this point and running well.


Maggie crushed the Power Lines climb and passed a few guys in the process and then we moved pretty well down to the last aid station at the May Queen campground. We had a lot of warm clothes in her drop bag there as back in 2013 it was super cold… most likely because we were just walking at that point. This time we both got hot in the clothes we put on but at least we weren’t cold. We had no idea if anybody we closing in on Maggie but she was doing great. She was able to keep running and she was over 90 miles into the race. So rad and impressive.


With 6 miles to go we had some headlamps creeping up on us. This served as good motivation and even though Maggie was starting to crack a bit she pushed on, battled, and crossed the line in 21 hours flat, 2nd woman, and 16th overall out of the roughly 650 people that started and 340 that finished. totally unreal. I don’t have to look for motivation and inspiration in my life.

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Running 100 miles is gnarly. I definitely have huge amount of respect for the distance and already had plenty nervousness boiling up for Run Rabbit Run. But… being in Leadville and watching the race definitely ramped up my excitement for RRR but also scared the shit out me. It was good reality check. I saw a lot of suffering out there… both from my wife and a ton of other runners… and really good, experienced runners too. There’s no doubt in 2.5 weeks I will be running the hardest race of my life. I honestly have no idea how it’s going to go. If I can muster up the motivation I will post again in the next couple of weeks about how I approached my training and my goals for the race. Until then I am going to keep doing what I’ve been doing and anxiously counting down the days until I get to race in Steamboat.

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  2 comments for “Running 100 Miles

  1. Adam Bybliw
    August 29, 2016 at 6:14 pm

    You are going to crush that Rabbit James. Your hard work this summer will pay off. Hay —-> Barn. Oh, and tell Maggie sorry about the creeping headlamps- that was me and Kev moving at a snail’s pace. Super stoked for her finish in Pb-ville. Congrats.

  2. Josh
    August 31, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    congrats to Maggie on a fantastic race and i’ll be excited to follow RRR online. It’s a great race and you’ll kill it I’m sure!

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