Summer Racing

summer is in full swing… and I haven’t posted in quite some time. that’s mostly because I was afraid my blog was bad luck but since tomorrow is race day I thought it would be ok to post a little something.

we have been loving the summer heat and spending a lot of time outdoors… training, racing, and just having fun. getting Fi in the pool and out on bike rides has been so awesome. she just loves being outside.

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as far as bad luck… the day i last posted i felt an all-to-familiar feeling my right shin after an easy run with Luke… completely out of nowhere. the rattler 50k that was supposed to be that weekend was cancelled due to a gnarly blizzard. I took some time off running, got stoked on riding, and my shin quickly came around. I also ended up pulling out of the Fear the Dear half marathon as I just had no confidence that I could race hard and not light my shin up. Luckily I think I have found what was the source of my shin issues (fingers crossed). It was just some poor shoe choices and set ups for both my running and cycling shoes. I got rid of the random pair of running shoes (i had been running mostly in hokas and bought some new balance 1080’s for no reason) I foolishly switched to, added some wedges to my road cycling shoes, and got a new pair of mountain bike shoes. So far so good.

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After dealing with those issues I am listening to the universe and am going to continue to ride a lot. It’s not “cross-training” it’s training to me. Contrary to what some people think I run better when I’m riding and it keeps me injury free. I always seem to forget that and just get amped on running and just do more than MY body can handle. With that I decided to pull the trigger on  Silver King (Silver Rush 50 mile mtb and 50 mile run on back to back days).

I still wanted to toe the line at Dirty 30  on June 4th even though I knew I’d be pretty undertrained on the running front. I knew i was strong from all the winter strength training and I had been riding a ton… and feeling pretty fit. In the month leading up to Dirty 30 (the whole month of may, excluding race week) I put in solid training on the bike but like I said not running enough that would give me confidence heading into a super hard, competitive 50k with 7,000ft+ climbing and descending.


training the month of may:

  • Cycling: 916 miles (229 per week)
  • Running: 95 miles (23.75 per week)

I was still doing a couple of strength sessions per week and was feeling good. Dirty 30 went way better than expected. I decided I would still run fairly hard and just see what happened. I ended up finishing 7th overall in a deep field and just battling all day. I finished really strong and brought people back the whole second half of the race. it was a lot of fun.

I recovered well and with no right shin issues at all. I next toed the line at the Leadville Marathon with Maggie by my side. Over the course of the previous months I watched my awesome wife take third at the OC Marathon, Win the Boulder Mountain Marathon, and charge to 4th at the Mt Evans ascent as she gets ready for the Leadville 100. I love watching her race but it was so much fun to toe the line at the same race as her. We hadn’t done that in almost two years. Big thanks to Lucy, Maggie’s mom, for wrangling Fiona while we raced.


My plan for the Leadville Marathon was to go in with tired legs… especially from riding in order to get a simulation for Silver King. The day before I rode for 4 hours with plenty of climbing and was properly tired saturday morning in Leadville. Again, the race went well on relatively little running and a lot of riding. I only ran 6 times and 43 miles in the 2 weeks between Dirty 30 and the Leadville Marathon but I rode just under 500 miles with 40,000 ft of climbing.

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The race was definitely a grind with all that fatigue in my legs and I had to battle all race. 4th-9th were basically together the whole time and we kept changing positions. I ended up running out of steam with 10 miles to go but was able to hold on for 7th again… and just barely… and almost got run down by Maggie. She took the win for the ladies.

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I was super smart with recovery from the marathon and have only done one more really long run (27 miles with Maggie) to get ready for the Silver Rush 50s this weekend. Running a marathon on tired legs is one thing… running 50 miles is going to be something totally different this Sunday… SUFFERFEST.  I’ve only run three 50 milers (north face x 2, and Avalon) and all have going fairly well… but i for sure suffered in all of the them and I was fresh and had put in a lot of (running) miles to get ready for them. The training for these races has been quite a bit different.

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The focused training block for Silver King  was 10 weeks and started the first week of May… here’s the numbers:

  • Cycling (road, mtb, trainer): 2090 miles (209 mpw) & 160,551 ft of climbing
  • Running: 323 miles (32.3 mpw) & 52,915 ft of climbing
  • Strength: 17 sessions – Mountain Athlete/SSD Ultra In-Season Plan

So that’s it. All that’s left to do is to head to leadville later today, race this weekend, and see how this training split works for me. Maggie and Fi will be out cheering and crewing for me on Saturday at the bike race and then Maggie and I get to race together again on Sunday (thanks Lucy!). I won’t be surprised if Maggie runs me down this time. She’s so fit and strong with the training Mario been having her do. Watching her work hard every day, while being a super mom and wife, has me so motivated to do the same…

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  1. July 8, 2016 at 9:15 am

    Have some killer races!

    The trails that you’re training and racing on look awesome.

  2. July 9, 2016 at 9:35 pm

    Looks like life is awesome. Congrats and you have a beautiful family . When ever we run Lake Hodges our running group still talks about what a great fast runner you are.

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