Refining the Plan

The past few months have flown by. As is the norm life has been full blast but it’s been awesome. Work has been busy with a couple of trips back east but that project is now over was completed with awesome results. Training has been going well for both Maggie and I and I’ve dialed things in as far as my training and racing go.

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All through January my mind was constantly filled with how I was going to fit in all the training for riding and running to get ready for my summer races. My plan then was to focus on ultra running and some combo bike and run events… it was just too much. I’m lucky in that Maggie supports in me in whatever I decide to do but the bottom line was I just didn’t want to train as much as I would need to if I wanted to compete at the level that would make me happy (on the bike).

There’s just some much going on right now. Fi is growing up so fast and it’s so fun and I don’t want our summer to just be training for races. I love to run and ride but there’s a lot of other things I like to do that make me happy so it was an easy decision.

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I’ve dialed back my race plan and just plan on focusing on running, My big goal “A” races are the Dirty 30 50k on 6/4, Silver Rush 50 miler on 7/10, and Run Rabbit Run 100 miler on 9/16. That’s it… just three goal races. I am going to jump into some other races for training because for me I know they help get ready to throw down on race day.

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Planning on just doing running races simplifies everything for me. I will still for sure be riding my bike 2-3 days a week because as I have proven to myself over the years that too much running is not good for my body. I definitely have limit to how much I can run and stay injury free… Plus… I love riding my bikes and as soon as I decided to not race my bikes this year riding became more fun. Not that it wasn’t fun before but it was noticeable how much more fun it was when I wasn’t thinking about how I was getting ready to race and what kind of training I would need to be doing to not get my ass kicked in mountain bike races.

I coach myself and I like it that way. Over the course of the years I’ve worked with some great coaches but these days my training is pretty simple. I know what gets me fit and fast for running. With that said over the last couple of years I bounced my ideas off of Mario and he’s been awesome enough to provide me some great feedback. He knows me and my background and I have 100% trust in the feedback he gives me. Maggie also provides me with awesome feedback which largely consists of her shooting down my ridiculous training and racing ideas.

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I try to keep my training flexible. With work, a 10 month old daughter, a wife that also trains, and the crazy Colorado weather I have to be. Each week I have goals… one hard running workout (hill reps or trail tempo), 2 strength workouts, 1-2 rides, and a long run. I know if get those things in I’ll be fit. With the weather I can’t really get caught up in how much climbing I am getting in or how much I’m getting on the trails right now. When it’s dry I run 95% of my miles on the trails but I’ve had to hit the roads a bit more than I would have liked in the past months due to some solid snow storms. Instead of being bummed I try to make the best of it and now that it will help me in the long run because it really helps with my turnover.

so that’s what’s going on now. This weekend I’m running my first race of the year… the Rattler 50k down in Colorado Springs. I am using this as some suffering practice and to see where I’m at before the final 6 weeks of training for the Drity 30 50k on 6/4. It’s been 6 months since I’ve last raced so I’m sure it’s going to hurt. I don’t plan on full on tapering and I’m just going to take a couple of easy days before. It’s a two lap race and I’d like to just hang in the lead pack the first lap and see what I have in the legs the second. They’re calling for rain so it should extra fun….

i finished this post yesterday (tuesday) and now they are calling for rain and snow Saturday morning… not sure If I’ll charge down and race. I love to get out in those conditions. Not sure it’s worth driving over an hour down there to race in them.


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  1. Dan
    April 13, 2016 at 8:36 am

    Glad to hear your updates, James. It is a tough balance between wanting to race everything — because you’re fit and healthy — but also acknowledging that we plan to be fit and healthy for the next 60 years, so we’ve got to pace our racing ambitions! I think you’re in a great place with your year ahead. Good luck this wknd… #weatherproof!!

  2. April 13, 2016 at 9:05 am

    Let’s drink some brews after the Rattler!

  3. June 21, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    Go Padres…. Hang A Star On This Post


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