let the healing begin…

I am so glad that’s over…. and yes my Doctor’s name is Dr. Hacker… can’t beat that!

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Monday morning Maggie and I headed down south to the Physicians Surgery Center and everything went pretty well… at least as far as I can tell.  I was a bit nervous heading but I really didn’t tell anyone.  Having never had any type of surgery I had no idea what to expect.  One of the nurses was a mountain biker so we talked about cycling a bit and all the broken collarbones he has seen come through the center as a result of bike crashes.  He also couldn’t believe how lucky I got in my crash.  That seems to be the reaction I get from everybody and something I think about all the time.  There’s no question things could have ended up much differently.

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I was a bit curious to see how the anesthesia would affect me.  Lets just say it worked.  I got a local block to numb up my shoulder (it’s still kind of numb) and then they took me into the operating room.  They moved me to the operating table and as I was commenting on how uncomfortable the table was I felt a burning sensation where the IV was inserted on the back of my hand.  I asked if that was normal and the next thing I knew I woke up and it was over.  A plate and nine screws were used to fixed my clavicle and I don’t remember a thing.  works for me.

I was pretty out of it the rest of the day on Monday after getting home.  Tuesday was a rough one.  The pain from my neck, through my clavicle, and into my shoulder was pretty intense.  It was just this gnarly ache that wouldn’t go away.  Fortunately I woke up Wednesday morning feeling a bit better and progressed throughout the day.  Thursday was more progress and I got out the door for a 5 mile walk around the trails with Ruby.  That’s been one of the silver linings in all of this… I have got to spend a ton of time with the pup.  Maggie and I were talking about this the other day and how much better off I have been to have Ruby around since I’ve been home injured.

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I’ve also been really lucky with work.  My boss has been more than awesome and understanding.  I’ve actually been working quite a bit but mostly from home.  With Maggie being around to take care of me and make me happy, my family and friends calling, texting, & emailing me everyday to check in, Ruby motivating to get off the couch, and work looking after me I feel very, very fortunate.

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So now the healing can really begin.  Now that the surgery is over I feel I can start actually thinking about training, but obviously not too fast. I have done my best to rest the past month and not stress about getting out of shape or packing on some “recovery” lb’s.  Besides a few aches and pains I am actually starting to feel pretty good.  My body feels rested for the first time in years and I am down to only piece of tegaderm… and truth be told I wouldn’t have any Tegaderm still on if it wasn’t for Maggie.  She cracks the whip and makes sure I’m taking care of myself.  On the plus side I have bunch of new sweet scars to add to the plethora of ones of I already have from years of putting my body through the wringer.

Last week, prior to surgery, I actually jumped on the trainer for 2 short sessions just to sweat and did a bunch of long walks with Maggie and Ruby.  The longest being 5 miles last Friday.  I have reached out and asked a lot of people that have had to same surgery that I had to repair their clavicle about how their recovery went and when they were able to start some kind of real activity.  I gotta thank Josh for the a lot of good info and encouragement… and he just finished the gnarly SD100 in recored temps! The answers have been mixed with some people starting back training a week after surgery and some waiting much longer.  I guess I’ll just have to take it day by and be patient and I can honestly say that I’m fine with that… No rush.  I’ve been hemmed up since mid-February is one way or another and it’s definitely taught me a new level of patience… and being lazy can be kind of fun.

Yesterday I dropped off my cross bike with Gordon at Velo Hangar.  It needs some love and it will be my bike for now.  He’s going to get it dialed in so I can ride it on the road, some dirt, and the trainer.  I am not sure if I am going to invest in another road bike right now but I am going to get a new mountain bike.  For years I’ve want a “fun” mountain bike, not a race bike.  It’s time.  I just want do fun rides with my friends, shred some singletrack, and enjoy some post ride beers.  Simple stuff.  This is what I’m about to pull the trigger on:

 yeti sb95 carbon


I used to race on a yeti that gordon built and it’s still the raddest bike i’ve ever owned.


There’s a lof of fun races this fall so if I do get back into racing shape by then I’ll definitely be racing.  The only thing immediately on my radar is that I hope I can get fit enough by mid August to pace Maggie for some of the Leadville 100.  After watching Tim’s video of hope pass this morning I really can’t wait to check that area out this summer.



  2 comments for “let the healing begin…

  1. Tom Hardersen
    July 3, 2013 at 11:11 am

    Crazy, I just did the right side on the first weekend of May. I had 6 screws and looks like the same plate! I have the exact same picture’s just diff side..Your gonna be good in no time. Im already bashing trails again here in Seattle!!

  2. Tim Marriott
    July 29, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    Let me know when you come out for the LT100. I can show you around to all the awesome Denver Breweries. I can take you to some I guarantee you have never had or heard of before. This place is only second to SD when it comes to beer!

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