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Nothing to exciting going on right now on the training front.  More of the same.  Some solid riding, time in the gym, and no running.  My leg is still progressing.  The pain is decreasing and the area where the “pain” is continues to get much smaller and specific.  I can only hope that means the inflamed area on the bone is getting smaller.

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I would be lying if I said that I have been 100% positive about this whole situation.  I got a little frustrated this past week.  In my head I really thought that after 3 weeks of no running I would be able to slowly start back jogging this weekend.  That’s definitely not going to be the case.  While the pain is significantly less I still don’t feel like I’m ready to even attempt to run.  So after Thursday it will be a month with out running a single step.  I can still feel the pain a bit getting out of bed and for sure when I balance on one leg while putting pants.  Sometimes it just gets frustrating because I am harnessing so much motivation to get out and run… but there is so much other good stuff going on right now that it doesn’t affect my “real” life.

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So I’m definitely looking at a few more weeks of zeros when it comes to running.  Not awesome but things could always be a lot worse.  I am having a lot of fun riding with my friends and its rad to feel myself getting stronger on the bike with each week.  There’s no way I’ll back off the riding as much as I did before.  I know the riding will help me be a better runner and hopefully stay away from any more injuries.  With all the time away of running I have had plenty of time to think about my plan of attack when I come back.

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To keep myself motivated and after being conned by a couple of friends I signed up for the Spy Belgian Waffle Ride on April 7th.  It should be a “fun”.  130 miles, 12,00o ft of climbing, dirt road sections, and plenty of suffering.  I am not going overboard preparing for this.  I am trying to ride everyday but not out charging in any super long rides.  4 hours on the bike is where the fun level ends for me.  Occasionally going a bit longer is cool but that really hasn’t happened.


I still don’t know when the running will start up again… hoping for the week of 4/8 at this point.  Until then… more riding, working on my golf game, and drinking good beers with good people (which goes down regardless of whether or not I’m running).

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  1. March 31, 2013 at 9:04 am

    Dude, that race looks RAD and Epic.. GoPro for sure!!

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