dodging a bullet

quick post here.  on tuesday i posted about what was going on with my leg and the I was convinced I had a stress fracture.  well on wednesday morning at 7am i went in for an MRI.  The folks at SMI Imaging were awesome and got me in and out there quickly (so i could still make my 9am meeting) and I had my reading emailed to me by lunch!  to my surprise they didn’t find a fracture… I was actually nervous when Bryan forwarded me the reading and it was titled “Good News”.  my fear was that they wouldn’t find anything contributing to the pain in my quad.

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I read a good post a couple of weeks ago (actually the week before I broke myself off) by Anton Krupicka about Injuries.  I though about it when I thought I may have a stress fracture and it made me ready to accept my fate.

If you must get injured, just break a bone. Okay, so this is being kinda silly, but honestly, when I broke my leg in 2011 it was one of the easier injuries to heal, mentally and physically. Within only a couple hours of breaking it I was seriously fine with it. I couldn’t even stand up, let alone run, so it was easy to let go. There was no wiggle room for interpretation. Just two and a half months sitting on my ass letting the bone knit, and then a few weeks of rehab to regain strength and range of motion. I’ll take such definitive healing any day over the drawn-out nightmare of questioning and second-guessing and wondering that characterizes most soft-tissue ailments.

So I was ready to deal with the hand I dealt myself.  Here’s the results of the MRI:

IMPRESSION:No stress fracture. No stress-related bone edema. No bursitis, tendon tear or tendonitis. Long thin area of stress-related periosteal edema or vascularity along the surface of the medial femoral cortex distal mid shaft. No underlying stress fracture or bone edema.No joint effusion, cartilage loss or subchondral abnormality.No tear of the anterolateral to posterolateral labrum. Extremely shallow partial separation of the far inferomedial aspect of the anterior labrum from the acetabular rim which has a symmetric appearance to the right side.

So no stress fracture.  Instead I have a stress reaction.  I guess I caught just in time and before it broke and luckily when i really started to hurt I just stopped running.  The treatment is still the same a stress fracture so I won’t be running any time soon and I sill have no race plans.  It just means that hopefully my recovery time will be a bit less and I’ll be able to back running at the end of the month or early next month.

I’m super stoked I didn’t have a stress fracture but this is a total wake up call for me.  I really feel like I got a way with something.  I wasn’t smart in my training.  I know what hemmed me up and I’ll try to not let it happen again.  I just need to actually plan my training a little better and make sure I don’t completely nuke myself.  Some times, more often than not, my motivation gets the best of me and I could use a little reigning in.  So I am hoping for a quick recovery (it’s already been a week of no running) and in the mean time I’ll be doing all the rehab/prehab stuff to make sure this doesn’t happen again….. and I’ll be on the bike quite a bit.  There is NO chance you will find me in a pool aqua jogging.

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  1. Julia
    March 7, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    James if you can find a hydroworx underwater TM that would be the route to go if you care to do any running. I ran alot of my tempo wkos inside this summer, but about 60 min was all i could take bc it was summer up here!!. Good luck!

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