back on the bike…

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Last week was pretty solid on the bike.  This injury could be a blessing in disguise moving forward.  I am really missing running and am not stoked about having to drop out of Old Goats… and potentially the rest of my spring/early summer races but it feels so good to be back on the bike.  Back in the fall when I decided to give ultra distance running a semi-serious go I had a lot thoughts and talks with Slater on how I would approach my training.  The plan I had for my training included quite a bit of riding in it and even some bike racing.  I kind of saw the bike as my secret weapon where as I would still be able to log some big training days, back up big running days, and not beat my body up…. of course getting out riding with my friends is just something I love to do.

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I completely lost sight of all that though… for a few reasons.  The biggest reason is that I just fell in running all over again.  I liked pushing myself with more running than I had ever done, being out on trails I had never seen, and the simplicity of being a “runner” made my life easy.  My training time was pretty much cut in half.  Cycling just takes a lot more time.  I kind of got soft too… Typically I ride all winter long.  Charging out the door at dawn before work and layering up.  This winter was a bit colder than the past few and with no bike races on my calendar I found it a lot easier and warmer to just run.  It was just simple….  get up at 5am and go on cold ride before work or sleep for an extra hour and go for a run on my local trails.  It wasn’t a hard choice.

So I can say this with a lot certainty… when I get back to running and training for running races I will for sure keep the bike in the mix.  I know 3-4 hour rides on the weekend will be fun and benefit my running.  The weekday group rides and hill repeats need to stay in there as well.  Most importantly it will keep me healthy.   All I really want to be able to do all summer is run on the trails, ride with my friends, and surf my brains out…. oh yeah…. and learn how to play golf.

week of 3/4-10:

Monday: PM 1:11, 19 miles, 656ft. Mellow afternoon spin with Kurt.

Tuesday: AM 1:52, 31 miles, 1,070 ft. Morning miles with Kurt & Vince.  RSF loop LUNCH :20 quick upper body & core

Wednesday: Rest Day. Long day.  MRI at 7am late meeting in Ontario that started at 6pm.  Smashed.

Thursday: AM 1:55, 30 miles, 2,247 ft Torrey Pines Hill Repeats.  2 in, 2 out  LUNCH :30 upper body & core

Friday: LUNCH :30 stretching, foam roller, core.   keeping the legs moving.

Saturday: 4:14, 65.5 miles, 5,719ft. Old Castle loop.  Started with Kurt, Brian, and Shelby.  Finished solo.  good day on the bike.  coming along.

Sunday:  4:26, 73.2 miles, 5,322 ft.  Wolford loop with Christine & Jenny.  another good day on the bike.  Felt better as the ride progressed. PM: Golf.  Driving range with maggie.  progress.  new driver from Brian.

Zero Miles  running

13:38, 219 miles, 15,014 ft cycling

slight improvement. baby steps.

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daylight savings is here.  dark morning rides.  breaking out the lights. summer is (41)

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  1. Kiet
    March 13, 2013 at 9:25 pm

    Too funny, 15 years ago, I told my friends that when my multisport career is washed up, I would go back to golfing, like I did when I was a kid. I think I’m getting very close to my golfing days again.

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