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Last week was huge for me… in many ways.  First and foremost is the all the race news.  Getting into SD 100, the Squamish 50, and UROC is motivating, intimidating, and awesome all at the same time.  Those races along with Old Goats 50 and Miwok 100k will for sure challenge me in ways I’ve never faced.  I’m stoked to see what this year is going to bring.


With every passing week I feel like I am becoming more of a runner.  My “easy” pace keeps getting faster, I am able to bank more miles, able to roll more technical descents, and the climbing is getting effortless… and my appetite is out of control (some photos below).   I am loving it.  I am training way less hours than any time in past 5 years and I’m feeling better than ever.  I don’t carry the same daily fatigue or tiredness I did back when I was training for triathlon even though I am putting in more miles on my feet than ever before.  I think it’s because I am not scrambling all the time trying to squeeze in training for 3 sports while still trying to do all the little things to stay healthy.  I am sleeping better than I have in at least 10 years.  I have been making sure to sleep in at least one day during the week and try to always sleep in on Sundays, which has been turned into sleeping for 10+ hours.

For the first time in my 7 years of training and racing for all kinds of events I ran 100 milles this past week.  This has been a goal of mine and not because I’m chasing miles but I wanted to see what it would feel like and if my body could handle it.  I don’t think 100 mile weeks are necessarily mandatory for the racing I want to do, especially if I am still riding my bike.   I am no way going to do it every week but I was just curious to see how I would/will respond.  After a handful of 80-90 mile weeks in the past few months, and plenty of shorter weeks in between, it happened this week… and really wasn’t planned.  It just happened.

post run breakie

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I had a couple of days off of work to make up for all the hours last week in New Orleans, which really helped, but overall I found it relatively easy to pull off.  Don’t get me wrong I had a couple of tough runs (wednesday night, end of Saturdays run) but at the end of my 13.5 mile run on the coast on Sunday I felt like I had more in me.

Saturday’s view from Mt Woodson


week of 2/4-10:

Monday (off work): AM 1:34, 12.3 miles, 1781 ft. stoked to be home.  ran my favorite loop out at La Costa, PM 2:10, 36.2 miles, 1467 ft Sprinters loop with Kurt, mellow.  Fun to be back on the bike.

Tuesday: AM 1:28, 11.3 miles, 1736 ft. on the trails w/ 8×3 min steady hill repeats.  PM 40:00, 5.4 miles, 389ft. ez jog around the hood after work

Wednesday: AM 1:05, 8.8 miles, 470 ft ez jog on cardiff trail to lagoon. PM: 1:24, 11.5 miles, 600 ft, Lagoon loop w/ Maggie.  Finished in the dark and pretty smashed.

Thursday: AM 1:41, 28 miles, 984 ft ez spin before work.  talked Kurt into rolling early. PM massage

Friday (off work): 1:39, 12.4 miles, 2638 ft awesome run with maggie out at La Costa again.  good climbing.

Saturday: 3:36, 25 miles, 5186 ft Big run out east with Maggie & Mike.  Blue Sky-Lake Ramona-Lake Poway-Mt Woodson.  I felt good until 20 miles in and then the wheels came off.

Sunday: 1:39, 13.45 miles, 576 ft.  Big sleep and then the lagoon loop.  Rough starting out and then started to feel really good.

13:05, 100 miles, 13,376 ft running

3:51, 64 miles, 2.451 ft cycling

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So that’s hands down the biggest week (hour-wise)I have put in since I can remember…. probably since my IM training back in 2011.  I am definitely stoked with the way body handled all of this.  I am feeling great running, no niggles.  I just battled some tired legs but that’s to be expected when pushing to another level.  A big reason why I think I have always been able to handle a ton of training is because all of the little things I do for recovery.  I basically live in Pro Compression socks (my coworkers really like the purple and pink ones), get massages every other week, foam roll almost everyday, take SFH fish oil daily, drink MRM Reload after 90% of my workouts, and have started to FAKTR and use the Compex.  The Compex is brand new and very exciting to me.  I have wanted to to give it a try for years and now I finally am.  I have been using the “Active Recovery” program and it’s been awesome after long runs and in the mornings after big days.


I am definitely not going to try and back this week up with another hundo.  Instead I am going to race twice this weekend!!  On Saturday I will be racing the Baz Trail 21k and then backing it up on Sunday with the Bandit 50k in Simi Valley.  The goal is just to get in some fun, big, back to back runs with a bit of intensity thrown in.  I am going to try hard to NOT race full on on Saturday.  The main reason for doing the 21k on Saturday is because it’s on quite a bit of the same trails as the Old Goats 50 miler on 3/23.  Old Goats is a race I really want to do well at so time running on the course will be useful… and I get the opportunity to take another beat down from my home boy Jon Clark and a bunch of other fast dudes.

Sunday should be really interesting.  Trying to back up a hard 21k with over 3k of climbing on Saturday with a hard 50k on Sunday will be another challenge.  Again, just like running a 100 mile week, I am just curious to see what I can do and how my body handles all of this.

Lunch. Post 25 mile smashing

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Celebrating 100 miles (i really don’t need an excuse to drink good IPA and eat fries)


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  1. February 13, 2013 at 9:38 am

    SD 100, Squamish 50 and UROC? So what! Stoked for that. Looks like a huge season ahead! Love it.

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