a week on the road… Enginerding to the Max.

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I am starting this post on flight to New Orleans.  I am heading there for work and pretty stoked with the project I am working on.  While I am there I will be deploying 2 large wireless networks.  One will be for the large “tailgate” party the day before the Super Bowl and the other with be in the tent stadium for the Celebrity Beach Bowl also on Saturday afternoon.  My career being a network enginerd has taken me to some cool places, got me into some interesting situations, and I have worked on some cool projects, but this may top them all.

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The only downside of the trip is having to be away from home and in New Orleans for 8 days and 7 nights…. but I’ll live.

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Running will be challenge while I am there but I’ll do what I can.  The idea of logging miles on sidewalks, roads, and treadmills doesn’t have me too stoked but I’ll make due.  it’s bit easier knowing that last week I probably had the best training week since I’ve been focusing exclusively on running.  It’s not just the miles either, it is the varied running.  I did some hill repeats, a fun night run, ran new trails, climbed quite a bit, and finished the week getting out of my comfort zone with a quick 20 on the coast.  Just a lot of different running and terrain which I think is key when training for this long trail stuff.

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week of 1/21:

Monday: AM 1:02, 8.1 miles, 649ft. easy jog with Paul around the hood trails, PM 45:50, 6.4 miles, 240ft on the cardiff trail after work.

Tuesday: AM 1:28, 11.3 miles, 1896 ft. on the trails w/ 6×3 min steady hill repeats.  PM Yoga

Wednesday: AM 1:54, 30 miles, 2234 ft torrey pines hill repeats on my bike.  2 inside (standing), 2 outside (seated). PM: 1:12, 9.2 miles, 1175 ft, Torrey Pines night run with the crew.

Thursday: AM :55, 7.25 miles, 452 ft ez jog on the hood trails. PM epic massage from Shari

Friday: 1:43, 12 miles, 2680 ft awesome birthday run with maggie out at mt miguel.

Saturday: 1:51, 11.85 miles, 3417 ft another fun run with Maggie and Mike at MT woodson.

Sunday: 2:19, 20 miles, 440 ft.  20 steady miles on the coast with maggie.  stoked on the pace for this run. negative split.

I also got in the gym at lunch a few days. nothing heavy but the “right” stuff.

11:16, 86.11 miles, 10,949 ft running

1:54, 30 miles, 2234 ft cycling.

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