2013. Live Simply, Live Wide, Live the Dream


I had another post about the upcoming year but that seems a bit dated now.  My first race of the season is behind and I feel I’m off to a good start and on the right path to reach my racing goals and more importantly have a fun 2013.


Before I get into anything related to my racing and training.  I wanted to give props to Chris Masilon.  I coach Chris and he took first place overall amateur in solo division at the 12 hours of Temecula, and was 4th OA including the pros.   He completed 12 laps, 108 miles and over 12k of climbing during the race.  It’s safe to say he rips on the bike but that doesn’t tell the whole story.  The dude is busy.  With a wife, 2 kids, and super demanding job he maximizes the time he has and hits some hard sessions.  We knew he wouldn’t have a lot of time to log a lot of big rides in prep so we focused on some really intense intervals, some running, getting off road, and strength/core work.  He got out for some long rides but not as many as you would typically like before tackling a solo 12 hour mountain bike race.  It’s safe to say the plan worked and I’m probably as stoked as he is with his win.

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I have a rough plan for 2013 as far as racing goes and I’m ready to train.  Since I started chasing this ultra running thing back in September I haven’t really done any specific training.  I have just been running… a lot, ridden my bike, and had a lot of fun.  I have just used races as “workouts” and just tried to get out the door and run trails, hills, roads, and with friends.  It’s worked so far and lead to me to some ok results, but I think I’m capable of more.  Now I’m not going to commit to some gnarly training regimen or drastically change my lifestyle just to try and win some races.  I just think being a little more specific with my training and planning a bit will help me get my running and endurance up another level.  I still feel like I am getting better week by week, month by month so there are still plenty of gains to be made.

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The way my life is now with work and life I like to keep my training pretty dynamic and simple.  I am spending less time training than I have in years.  I love the simplicity of focusing on a single sport.   I have a rough plan based on the windows i have to train each day within a given week, but some how that always changes.  I go a lot by feel.  If I’m feeling like crap or smashed and was planning to run something hard or long I change my plan and run short, jump on my bike, or sleep in (been doing this a lot lately).   I’m still going to take the same approach but I am going to have some weekly goals as far as volume (miles) and some specific workouts (hill repeats, tempo, etc) I want to knock out each week and actually build on the intensity and distance each week.  With all that being said (typed) I am not going to sacrifice fun.  If my friends are doing some other fun run or going on a 4 hour ride in the mountains I’m all in.

here are the things I am going to try and focus on in the coming months:

  • Hills.  I need to run hills more.  that’s a no brainer.  I have some solid short hills and good rolling routes from home, which are great for hill repeats and tempo runs, but on the weekends I really need to get out and charge some big climbs.
  • Tempo run or running harder.  I have kind of lulled into “my pace” on my runs and need to run a bit harder at times.  I have loop in my hood, on the trails that that I want to start knocking out regularly.  Also getting out and jumping into some of the group runs with some fast guys and girls will help.
  • ride my bike.  I am NOT going to chase huge miles on my feet.  I know for most people as they approach 100 miles they are on the verge of getting injured.  I really like Dominic’s post on this.  so i will continue to ride my bike… for many reasons.  I like riding my bike, it helps keep the running volume down while still building fitness, and it’s fun to ride with my friends.  I’ll also be doing some hill repeats on my bike to build strength and that goes in line with the next bullet point.
  • get back in the gym and doing strength work.  strength training has always been a big pretty component of my training though all my years of racing no matter what sport or sports I was doing, and it’s time to get back it.  luckily have access to an awesome gym that’s only a 2 min walk from my desk at work.  It’s easy to knock out quick sessions at lunch.  So it’s back to doing all the things Bryan and co. taught me at Rehab United.  It’s the key to keeping me injury free and strong as I try to run farther than I ever have.
  • the little things.  I need to keep up with getting work done on my body.  I have been seeing Shari for about a year now and she’s done wonders for my body.  I will get back in the routine of getting a couple massages a month and also spend plenty of time on the foam roller and stretching on my own.  I will also aim to keep hitting yoga at least once a week.  I’d like to say I’d get in there twice a week but there’s just not enough time or desire, but I know it really helps keep my body loose.

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Below is my tentative plan… or at least what I am planning on right now, but it’s January and I’m realistic.  This will probably change multiple times but now through June is pretty locked in.

  • 2.16.2013 – Baz 18k – fun/training race – good course recon for Old Goats.
  • 2.17.2013 – Bandit 50k – fun/training race – it will interesting trying to back up two days of racing.  I plan on taking it easy on Saturday and letting it rip (relatively) on Sunday.
  • 3.2.2013 – Baz 30k – fun/training race – good course recon for Old Goats.
  • 3.9.2013 – Catalina Marathon – Another fun training run with my friends.  I am heading out there with a group of friends and many of them will be running their first marathon… and it will actually be my first marathon (standalone).  It will also serve as my last long run before Old Goats.
  • 3.23.2013 – Old Goats 50 Miler – This is the first race of the year that I really wanna do well in. The course if brutal and the start list is stacked with of Socal’s fastest dudes.
  • 4.6.203 – Oriflamme 50k – training race
  • 4.7.2013 – Carlsbad 5000 – not sure about this one.  I have never done it… but it’s the day after the 50k.  May just jump in, run, get a free tshirt, and enjoy the Port Brewing beer garden afterwards.
  • 4.13.2013 – R2R2R – Long fun day with my friends.  Time on my feet in prep for Miwok 100k
  • 5.4.2013 – Miwok 100k – first 100k but I think I’ll be ready.  I’d like to do well here but it’s a new distance, on some really challenging trails, and there will be some tough competition for sure.
  • 5.11.2013 – Trans Zion Traverse – just another 48 miles with my friends.  Yes… I do realize it’s the Saturday after Miwok, but a big group is going for the weekend and I don’t wanna miss it and it will be good to back up for my next race…
  • 6.8.2013 – San Diego 100 – this is tentative.  I have to enter the lottery on 2/1 to see if I get in.  If I do I’m going for it.  I had gone back and forth on whether or not to do a 100 this year but I decided there’s no time like the present.  My motivation to run is at an all time and if I can make it through that gnarly schedule I have lined up I don’t think I’ll ever be more ready to try and tackle 100 miles on my feet.
  • 7.13.2013 – Cuyamaca 3 Peaks
  • 9.21.2013 – Noble Canyon 50k
  • 10.12.2013 – Cuyamaca 100k
  • 11.29-12.1.2013 – Ultraman World Championships – I am not doing this race but I am putting on my calendar because it’s a race that’s just as important to me as anything I’m doing.  I’ll be heading over to Kona to crew and pace Slater as he goes for the title of Ultraman World Champion.

I think that’s it… ha… kinda scares me just looking at it!  I know it’s a lot and odds are all of that won’t happen but as of right now that’s it.  Part of the challenge and what makes all of this fun for me is a schedule like that.  It’s a lot of running and just getting through it all will be a challenge,

it doesn’t get any better… socal’s finest.


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lastely… I can’t wait until Funeral for a Friend’s new record comes out next week.  They have been one my favorite bands for years and years and are still making good music.

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