2013 is underway!


I was in the middle of working on another post about 2013 and everything going forward but that’s going to have to wait a couple of weeks.  this week and upcoming weekend’s race kind of snuck up on me. I think I was enjoying the holidays a little too much!  My race schedule is getting dialed in, I have an awesome new sponsor, and I am full of motivation.   Friday afternoon I’ll be boarding a boat and heading over to Catalina for the Avalon 50 (miler).  I have some big plans and challenging races lined up for the first half of the year and Avalon will be the first challenge.  I am hoping for quite a different result than my first 50 miler.

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I signed up for this race after The North Face 50.  I wanna another go at the 50 mile distance and I’m going to use Avalon as a “training” race… if that’s even possible for a 50 miler.  I’m going to try some new things, race strategy, pacing, and nutrition-wise on saturday.  I want to get it dialed before heading into the races in the coming months that I really want to do with well.  With that being said though… I’m still going to try and win… just in a different way than I ever have.

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I am going to fight every instinct  in  my brain and bone in my body and actually start conservatively.  I want to heed the advice given to me by everybody leading into North Face and hope to feel good when the race really starts at mile 30.  I just like to “race” too much so actually learning to pace myself is going to take some work.   If anybody read my TNF50 report I was done by mile 30ish and struggled the last third of the race.  I’m hoping with a different approach and some different nutrition I’ll have a much better day.

*late edit.  Well I didn’t have some minor food poisoning in my plan this week.  Monday night we went out to watch the BCS Championship game and something I ate took me down for the count.  I was a zombie and my stomach was a wreck monday night and all day tuesday.  It’s wednesday now and after back to back nights of 10+ hours of sleep I’m feeling much better.  I’m pretty confident I’ll be 100% by the weekend.

My training since North Face has been so so.  I did put in a couple of big weeks and I am feeling really good but I never felt like I was actually “training” with Avalon in my mind.  I have just been having a lot of fun running and riding my bike.

  • week of 12/3: 23 miles running, 138 miles riding
  • week of 12/10: 69 miles running, 76 miles riding
  • week of 12/17: 89 miles running, 51 miles riding
  • week of 12/24: 53 miles running, 41 miles riding
  • week of 12/31 45 miles running, 139 miles riding

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One quick thing for the new year…. I’ll officially we be racing for Pro Compression.  I have been running and riding the entire line of Pro Compression socks all fall and winter and have been thoroughly impressed.  I have made an effort to only work with companies and products that I really believe in so I am more than stoked to team up with them this year.

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The guys Pro Compression team have hooked me up with coupon code to give out to my friends that read this.  The code below will get you 20% off and free shipping.


2013 is going to be new, fun, challenging year.  Hopefully I’ll get a blog post out about my plans in the coming weeks.  I’m really excited for this fresh start and a change of focus.

Cheers! some super fresh Racer 5

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