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No much going on last week with the exception of getting a bunch work done before heading back east for the the holidays and logging some mega miles (for me).  It ended up being the biggest running week of my life.  So I’ve decided I want to occasionally do a weekly recap of the training I am doing leading into 2013 and beyond.  Not that I think a lot of people care but I want to put it all out there and maybe create some dialog with some knowledgeable folks… get some good ideas or have my friends tell me to keep my ass in check.

When I look at the week below the things I would change are:

  • more riding.  I do want to increase my running volume but I think the riding is key for me and it’s fun.  It will keep me injury free and also having a good time with my friends.  I want to start riding at least twice during the week and and one long ride on the weekends… and get out on my mtb.
  • less running on the road.  running with “runners” is awesome and making me faster, but logging 13 miles of running on the road is not something I want to happen on a regular basis.
  • maybe add some more specific hill work.

Week of 12.17

Monday 12/17:

AM: 1:33, 12.2 miles, 532′.  shakeout with Paul.  We just cruised around the lagoon and then back down the coast.

PM: Lunch recovery sesh.  Stretching, foam roller, core work, myrtl

Tuesday 12.18:

AM: 1:05, 9.1 miles, 709′.  interval run on the trails with Paul & Dave.  8×2 min “hard” w/ 1 min recovery.  Good run for me.  I was feeling strong and better than the week before.

PM: 48:40, 6.5 miles, 295′.  jog down to cardiff and back.


Wednesday 12.19:

AM: 1:20, 22 miles, 945′.  ride with Brad.  Super cold morning.  We sat at Starbucks for quite some time and finally got in a little spin before work.

PM: 50:30, 6.5 miles, 531′.  night run on the ranch trails.  Felt really good during this one and wanted to rip but held back.

Thursday 12.20

AM: 1:31, 13 miles, 468′.  run with Paul.  Down the rail trail to cardiff and then through Solana Beach to Del Mar and back.  A little more road running than I like but will be good for me.  getting quicker by the week.

coast run

PM: Strength session at lunch… back to do the the little (right) things.

Friday 12.21:

PM: 1:35, 28.5 miles, 997.  afternoon spin with Brad and Todd.  RSF loop.  Just cruising and enjoying the world not ending.


Saturday 12.22

AM: 3:18, 24.5 miles, 3,722′.  finally bagged a run I that has been on my bucket list for a while… and right from front door.  So this wasn’t up some epic mountain but it did cover plenty of fun trails and some solid climbing.  I ran with maggie from neighborhood, through encinitas ranch, out to La Costa, up and over the trails at La Costa.  The ran up towards double peak and then around the backside to the peak.  then it was a bit exploring the trails through San Elijo before heading back to the coast.  I have some more solid loops I can’t wait to knock out from my front door.



Screen shot 2012-12-25 at 5.48.23 PM

Screen shot 2012-12-25 at 5.47.29 PM


Sunday 12.23

AM: 2:44, 17.3 miles, 3856′. After having way too much celebrating the holidays with the most awesome people I know I rallied to knock another loop I’ve been keen to run for a long time.  I had to really had to rally for this one but when it was done I was stoked I did.  I ran with maggie, kurt, and jamison on some of the Old Goats 50 miler course.  These are all trails I’ve ridden and raced numerous times on my mountain but until sunday had never run.  In my physical state after the big week & saturday of running, going big with the boys on saturday night it was just about getting through this one.  we ran up Holy Jim, across and up main divide, and descended trabuco canyon.  I definitely be out there quite a bit in the future, especially as I get for the Old Goats50 miler on 3.23.2013.



Screen shot 2012-12-25 at 5.49.42 PM

Screen shot 2012-12-25 at 5.49.24 PM

Totals for the Week:

Time: 15:30

Running: 11:50, 7 runs (1 double), 89 miles, 10122′

Cycling: 2:55, 2 rides, 50.5 miles, 1942′

Strength/core:  45 mins, 2 sessions

Yoga: 0

After my run on sunday I caught the red eye back to Virginia to spend the holidays with my family.  it’s been awesome so far with running and working out being on the back burner.  I am more concerned with having fun with my family and banking some rest.  I took monday off, ran just over 10 miles on Christmas, and most likely taking another day off today.  I slept 12 hours and woke up pouring rain and howling winds.  More rest!

Happy Holidays!


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