changing pace…

if there’s one thing that’s been constant in my life this year it’s been change.  good, bad, some I’ve wanted, some I haven’t… just all kinds of change.  I’m learning it accept the bad and look forward to the good.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
― Andy Warhol

As for my current “life situation”… I think I’ve finally come to terms with everything and have gotten to a place of acceptance, which is not easy for someone like me to do.  I don’t really hold back in any aspect of my life and have always believed if you do the right things, work hard, follow your heart that things workout or at least they have for me… it just didn’t happen with my marriage which was extremely difficult to accept.  There was a time a couple months ago where things started to really turn around for me.  Sure… there have been some hiccups and bad days along the way but I have done my best to “keep moving forward”. I hate to keep using all the running cliches and such but running has no doubt been my outlet, my therapy, and given me hope for the future.  I am finding out more about myself on many levels and am now really looking forward to my future.  It’s hard to remember a time in my life where I have ever been as comfortable in my own skin as I am right now.

Even when things were the worst for me there was always something positive going on that I’ve tried to latch onto.  There are many silver linings in all of this and for me me I think the number one thing has been coming to a realization of how awesome my friends and family are.  In the past months many of friendships I’ve had for years have strengthened and I am also building some strong new ones.  I’ve always known my friends were great people but never really realized how much they would be there for in hard times.  I hope they all know that if there is ever anything I can do for them I’ll be there in a second.  I have been completely overwhelmed and grateful for all of them and everything they’ve done.  They know who they are!

Another recent change is on the work front.  I am still working for the same company but I have just started a 6-12 month project which basically has me working for another company helping them with a bunch of large projects.  It’s a big company with a great work atmosphere and it’s only 10 minute drive from my house.  I plan on doing plenty of bike & run commuting as soon as I get everything dialed in.  The only downside it’s going to be pretty much 9 to 5 work… something I haven’t really had to do for a couple of years… but I’m not complaining.  Maybe if I was still racing triathlon or riding a ton it would be bit more stressful to fit in the all the workouts, but with my head focusing on running and surfing, which takes A LOT less time, I am pretty stoked for this opportunity.  I mean working from home and at different customer sites it pretty rad but with that comes a lot of scrambling… which can, at times, wear on me.  So I am going to embrace the 9 to 5 grind and enjoy a pretty mellow 6-12 months.

My recovery from R2R2R went very well.  The only part of my body was sore at all were my quads, and I’ve definitely dealt with worse before.  I had really mellow week of training with some another killer massage from Shari, yoga and some mellow riding and running.  I’m 18 days from Th North Face 50 and I couldn’t be more stoked with the way my body is feeling.  Sure I will we be racing guys with a lot more miles in their legs but I am banking on coming in fresh.

I have a couple more races lined lined to help me get ready.  Back in September when I really decided I wanted to give this ultrarunning thing a real go I reach out to a friend, and a guy a respect a lot… Lucho.  He gave me a lot of great advice on how to prepare.  He knows my background (which makes a huge difference) so I am using these final race as some long tempo run.  For me the motivation of a race environment will help get the best out of me.  I’ll be racing:

  • 11/17 – The Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon – My friend Keira (incredible runner and RD) is putting on this race and it’s a good chance to get up to LA to see my sister.
  • 11/22 – Xterra Topanga Turkey Trot 15k – Always a good times with the Xterra crew and will be good let it rip before Thanksgiving with my family.

After the 15k on Thanksgiving day it will really be time to dial it back.  I am going to mix a couple more longish runs but nothing over 2 hours.  Just time on my feet.  I can’t believe the race is so close.  It’s a long time since I have looked forward to a race this much… maybe Ironman Texas in May of 2011?  As I mentioned before on this blog… buy the time I got to 70.3 worlds & Kona last year I was over it.  It took quite some time, some life changing events, but the fire  to race is back!

here’s another Danger Summer song… loving these guys right now…



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  1. November 14, 2012 at 11:32 am

    Good band tip. Thanks. In and out of the ditch … maybe a metaphor?

  2. November 14, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    T -17… Drop the bomb!

  3. Brian Zembower
    November 20, 2012 at 4:46 pm

    Glad to hear your doing well as always James. Shot me a txt if ya ever need anything and keep in touch. Run healthy run long

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