Going Fast…

I really hope everyone got to watch the Olympic triathlon on Monday. The race Simon Whitfield ran was gnarly. Those guys go so hard (I need to take notes). SQW came from falling off the back in forth to surging to the front and then holding on for second.

this is the only video I have been able to find.

It was good time to see this as this is the first week of my build phase and time to start going fast myself. Tuesday morning was a very challenging brick and only a taste of things to come.

Bike (MTB):


This workout was HARD… and it’s not going to get any easier. I honestly don’t know if I have ever really pushed myself as hard as I could in training. I think I am kind of a sandbagger. I mean I train a lot and am very consistent, but think I can work harder when the workout calls for it… epsecially on the run. I need to get more out of my comfort zone and get to a point, like my homeboy Trevor says all the time, “you should feel like you are going to puke!”

I also hit a strength class at 24 hour fitness with Beth. It was called 24 S.E.T. It kicked my ass… in a good way. I am really trying to not B.S. when it comes to strength and core training over the next couple of months and I think I will keep going to this class. It was different and actually a good time…. and I was one of only 3 dudes in the class. Hopefully the DOMS I am dealing with right now won’t be as bad next week.

ok… time to get back to work and then hit trails for some near-puking run intervals!

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