Race Ready?

This is going to be a quick one… I have to get out the door for a session on the mountain bike before I head to work.

Work and training have kept me really busy this week and I have another 12 hour day at work on tap today. Nothing like starting the week with an upgrade at 530am Monday and ending the week with another 9pm on Friday… good times.

My second build phase is in full swing and the workouts are definitely kicking my ass… in a good way. Here are couple great posts I have read this week which have come at the exact right time in my training. Read and learn.

Cody Waite – Listening to your Body
Coach Paulo – Getting the Work Done
Mac Brown – Acting Like a Professional

and then Trevor posted on Race Recovery which is going to very important for me as I have some low priority races coming as I get ready for Xterra West Champs in Temecula.

Trevor Glavin – Post Race Recovery

As for the race this weekend…. it’s going to be tough but fun. I should be pretty shelled heading in but will definitely lay it down as best as I can. It will be interesting to see how my 10k off the bike compares to my stand alone 10k at the St. Patty’s day race where I ran a 33:56 on a course that is just a tad long. Predictions?

Here’s my sweet TT bike ready to go… I lubed the chain, rode it up and down the street a couple of times to make sure it’s good to go… and even practiced a couple of mounts and dismounts.

The Padres have started the season 3-1. Word.

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