The San Diego Trail Marathon Race Report

it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted and I’d like to get back to posting once a week. It’s not so I can update folks that occasionally read this but more so that I can have a log/journal of everything going on. Life has obviously been, and will continue to be, filled with excitement and change on every level. Our little baby is growing away and it’s hard to believe that Maggie is already 21 weeks pregnant… it blows my mind everyday. We’ve started, slowly, preparing for the daunting task of moving. We are taking very little with… Read more →

Twenty Fifteen

well my last race of 2014 didn’t happen. I was planning on racing the Holiday Half Marathon on 12/28 but it wasn’t in the cards. There was just too much fun going on over the holidays and my mind wasn’t into racing… and that was before I came down with some kind of flu bug the day before that landed me in bed for 30 hours straight. i love to race but only when I am mentally 100% into it. That wasn’t the case for this one so it was an easy decision. with the start of a new year… Read more →


what’s next

first of all…. I can’t thnk Sarah for giving my blog a much needed update. She’s a good friend and does awesome work. Check her out at Great 8 Creative. in the 30 minutes after i crossed the line a little over two weeks ago at the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Championships the last thing I wanted to think about was racing and probably swore I never wanted to run another 50 miler. I was in a bad way as I’m sure Maggie, Mario, Christine, and Brad can all attest to. They had to listen to me bitch… Read more →


The North Face 50 Mile Championships Race Report

wow… 50 milers are hard. I started this post the sunday morning after the race at 6:45 am after one of the worst nights of sleep I’ve had in a long time. Every part of my body ached… but in a very satisfying way. Our trip up north was rad. Maggie and I rented a little studio in Mill Valley and had a lot of fun checking out some killer restaurants and cafes. We also got to hang out with my good friend Brad quite a bit and meet his girlfriend. Traveling just to race doesn’t have much interest to… Read more →

unmanaged expectations

it’s race week and i’m more than ready to toe the line. I’m for sure excited to race and test myself but also ready to dial things back a bit. To be honest… i hate the timing of this race. I really don’t like to do any racing or real training between Thanksgiving and New Years. I’m not sick of running, not by any means, but I’m ready run with a little less focus and embrace the holiday/party season without a 50 mile race looming over my head. In the field that I’m in (network engineering) the phrase “managing expectations”… Read more →

Patient Progress

First of all… Thanks to everybody who left comments and for sending Maggie and I messages last week. we couldn’t be more excited about all of this. secondly… Happy Thanksgiving! In my world I have tons to be thankful for, more than ever, and Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday. The North Face 50 miler is now less than 2 weeks away and I’m definitely starting to build up some nervous energy and already have butterflies in my stomach when i think about toeing the starting line. It’s been a while since I’ve had that feeling for a race….… Read more →