Leadville 100 MTB Pre-Race Report

it’s race week… again. on saturday morning at 630am I’ll be charging the iconic Leadville 100 MTB race. to say I’m stoked is an understatement. it took a while for that stoke to build but it’s there now. I’m not exactly sure why it took me a while to get stoked for this race other than it was a last minute addition to my race schedule and it was after putting so much focus on a race that went well, the bailey hundo. when i decided to take my slot maggie and I decided  to not rearrange all of our… Read more →

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Ridgeline Rampage Race Report

I am going to try to keep this one short and sweet. As far as races go The Ridgeline Rampage was pretty uneventful… in a good way. I went into race day with some solid fatigue in my body and legs from a couple of weeks of solid training, including the Firecracker 50. I took a couple of relatively easy days leading up to the race to ensure I could at least give it a go and race hard. My approach to getting ready for the Leadville 100 MTB is quite different than what I did for the Bailey Hundo… Read more →

Firecracker 50 Race Report

I always find race reports are way more interesting, to read and write, when things don’t go as planned… and that was definitely the case for Firecracker 50. With the Leadville 100 MTB now on the calendar for me and attempting to get my running legs back in order to pace Maggie at the Leadville 100 Run the week before Firecracker wasn’t necessarily easy. My plan was to kind of train through it and just take a couple of easy days before. Racing a big race on a Tuesday (july 4th) was kind of different and the Saturday before I… Read more →

Bailey Hundo Race Report

I’m finally getting a chance to put this into words. It’s always crazy to me how work gets nuts right before races and immediately after. While it’s good for physical recovery as it forces me to sit at my desk for longer periods of time it totally kills me motivation to do much else. It’s always harder to write about races when almost everything goes right and that was the case for the Hundo. I already wrote my training leading up to the race in my last post and I was feeling confident and ready on the starting line. I… Read more →

Bailey Hundo Pre-Race Report

This Saturday I’ll be lining up for the Bailey Hundo. It’s not  going to be 100 miles this year as they’ve made some course changes in the last few weeks, which are changes for the better I think, so the race will now be 90 miles with 10k of climbing. Still a hard day at the office. I’ve always like to write a pre-race blog and kind of sum up my training for whatever event it is. It’s good for me too look back on whether the race goes well or goes sideways. No matter what happens Saturday the past… Read more →

Battle the Bear Race Report

The first race of 2017 is in the books and it was a fun one. The first race I was supposed to do the last weekend of April got snowed out. It’s so different than living in SoCal when you can really race year round. Here there isn’t very much going on race-wise from November to April unless you are going to race cyclocross or road running races. So for me, when it comes time to race I’m amping out and can’t wait to get on the starting line. I’ve been having so much fun riding and training this year… Read more →