Race Week

I can’t believe August is almost half way over and that we’ll be heading up to Steamboat Springs for the weekend. The summer is definitely flying by and our days are packed from the time we wake up to the time we crash at night. Our days are so packed that I haven’t really had a chance to give racing this weekend much thought until now. With everything going on I haven’t raced much at all this year and haven’t toed the line of race I was really focusing on. In January I ran the Lake Hodges Marathon, In February… Read more →

rolling with it…

It’s hard to believe Fiona is already almost two months old. Time has been flying by and the past couple of months have pretty much been a blur. Maggie and I are settling into a groove and Fiona is starting to get on a pretty good sleep schedule… although she still has her nights where she just wants to party and not sleep. I think one thing that has helped Maggie and I adapt rather quickly is that we are morning people. Before Fiona was born and we were both working and training Maggie and I would sleep 9-5. Up at 5am… Read more →

Fiona Hogan Walsh

i don’t think there is really much that needs to be said… Just over 3 weeks ago Fiona was born. There are no words to really describe how happy and stoked we are. It’s truly life changing and we are loving every minute… even the ones in the middle of night! Maggie’s mom and my parents were here the week after she was born and it was awesome. we are still figuring things and learning more everyday… which I’m sure won’t end. That’s it for now… but much more later. Read more →

Fear the Deer Half Marathon Race Report

Two weeks after arriving in Colorado I toed the line at my first race in Colorado, the Fear the Deer Half Marathon. Luke told me about this race at the beginning of the year when we were discussing race plans and I immediately signed up. Obviously I didn’t know what the future would hold but it looked like a hard, fun race. I didn’t envision getting injured and my groin taking so long to come around or that relocating would be as time consuming, stressful, and draining. I didn’t decide to actually race until a few days before the race.… Read more →


We’re here! wow… that last time I posted was after the San Dieguito half. Since then life has been full blast… and still is… and will go to 11 when our daughter is born in a few weeks (or less). Everything that goes into an interstate moving is draining, time consuming, and stressful. I’m not somebody that lets a lot stress me out but there were times in the past few months it got to me. The search for a place to live, while still living in southern California, proved to be harder than we both anticipated. The rental market in… Read more →

San Dieguito Half Marathon Race Report

I have been meaning to post the past couple of weeks and even have a post about 90% complete but time, as is the norm these days, has gotten away from me. I figured I’d get this out really quick so I’d at least have some kind of record of my last race. The last standalone road half marathon I ran was in February of 2011. It was the Palm Springs Half Marathon and I ran it the day after Slater and I hammered the Palm Springs Century (100+ mile ride) and then did a 4 mile run off the bike.… Read more →